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European Nations Cup history

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European Nations Cup history Empty European Nations Cup history

Post by Admin Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:36 am

European Nations Cup history

Is the European Nations Cup is the championship of soccer teams on the
continent of Europe, and be held once every four years, and had begun
in 1960.

Even in 1976 were four teams qualify for the final
round of the competition, and in 1980 in the number of teams
participating in the European Nations Cup 8 teams, and in 1996 the
number of teams has been increased to 16 European team.
And the
difference has been chosen after a qualifying matches played, and in
the years 1960 and 1964 the games are away and the home game between
two teams, and the winner will qualify total of the two games, and
since in 1968 turned the system into the qualifying groups, and even in
1976, and in 1976 in Became the host country to be chosen from among
the four teams qualifying, and since in 1980 became the selection of
the host State of the Cup will be before starting to qualify for the

Name Cup
Called the European Nations Cup
on behalf of Henri Delaunay, the proportion to the idea of establishing
a European Nations Cup, and has established his son Pierre Delaunay
form in the cup in 1960.

In 1956 has been in planning for a championship football teams in Europe, and in in 1958
The first was the establishment of a European Championship teams, and the system relies on heroism
Matches will be on the way and go home and play every team in the game
State and match the other team in the state, and in the final round before being
Selection team of four teams qualifying for the hosting of matches remaining.
And has been the first game of the final in the European Nations Cup in
1960 between Yugoslavia national team football and the Soviet Union
team football, and has set up the game in Paris, and had defeated the
Soviet Union team soccer title in the championship to become the first
team to win the title Cup of Nations European.
And had been
affected by the European Nations Cup Soccer 1964 policy significantly,
it has refused to Greece national team soccer team playing with Albania
to football, where the war themselves, and had set up the championship
in Spain, and Spain won the title of team football after the team beat
Soviet Union football in Madrid.
And has changed the way in qualifying for the UEFA European Football 1968
, Where the teams split into eight groups and play each other twice with the team, and
The winner of the hero to find the hero in the other group matches, round trip,
And set up the championship in Italy, and had defeated Italy soccer
title in the championship, after the final game with the national team
of Yugoslavia returned to football, where a 1-1 tie in the first game
and won the Italian national team football in the second game after
overcoming the team Yugoslavia football 2-0.
And held the same
order in the UEFA European Championship Football 1972, Belgium had
hosted the finals, and won the West German national team football in
the championship title after it beat the Soviet Union team football
3-0, and set up the European Nations Cup Soccer 1976 in Yugoslavia, and
won the team Chiklovakia soccer title after the championship team that
defeated West Germany football after penalties kicks, and was the first
championship ends after penalties.
And the UEFA European Football Championship 1980
, Changed the championship, where he participated for the first time eight teams in the Cup, and was
Divide into two teams of each group containing four teams, and winning the title
Each group qualify for the finals, and had met the West German national
team football team, Belgium's soccer finals, and won the West German
national team football in the match 2-1, and was the first European
team to win the championship title twice, and in the European Nations
Cup Football 1984
Regime change is not the championship, and lasted for eight teams, but making
Groups I and II qualifying for the semi-finals, and play a manner
With distant teams in the other group, and had set up the championship
in France, and won the French team after the football team that beat
Spain 2-0 to soccer.
And host Germany Alestbtoulh UEFA European
Football Championship 1988, led by Marco Bastnmentb the Netherlands
football to win that championship after overcoming the final game
against the Soviet Union team football.
And set up the European
Nations Cup Soccer 1992 in Sweden, and has united East Germany with
West Germany and the Soviet Union disintegrated and had played under
the name of the Union of Independent States, and Yugoslavia have not
been able to participate in the championship because of the war, and
participated instead In Denmark, and suddenly arrived in Denmark team
football final in the championship and met with German soccer, winning
2-0, note that the German soccer was world champion in that period.
After the disintegration of the Soviet Union the number of state on the
continent of Europe, arrived in a large 48 countries, Bank increased
number of countries participating in the UEFA European Football
Championship 1996 in England to 16 team, and teams have been divided
into four groups, and winner of each first and second Group for the
final quarter and won the German soccer title in the championship after
overcoming the Czech national team football golden goal scored by
Oliver Bierhoff, is the first golden goal record in the European
Nations Cup final.
And for the first time set up the European
Nations Cup soccer international in 2000, where Belgium and the
Netherlands to host the championship, and won the French team football
championship title that, after the team beat Italy Soccer golden goal
scored by David Trezeguet.
And set up the European Nations Cup
Soccer 2004 in Portugal, has been adopting a silver goal in the
championship, and won the title of the championship team suddenly
Greece football after the team beat Portugal 1-0 in soccer final match.

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