Rulers of the European Nations Cup (Euro Euro 2008)

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Rulers of the European Nations Cup (Euro Euro 2008)

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Rulers of the European Nations Cup (Euro Euro 2008)

Union announced its list of European soccer referees and assistant
principal who will oversee matches in the EURO 2008 championship held
in Switzerland and Austria this summer.

"Appointment teams of referees"

Jury appointed in the championship 12 basic rule alongside them
sentenced 24 assistant governors in addition to 8 assistants (a
fourth), told Terrace on the list of matches from 7 - June 29 January

"How to distribute rulers"

governors were chosen from each state (central government and
assistance) of whom are charged with a separate work Snaps (specific
games) has been selected by the Union of European Football Championship
during the last UEFA Champions League and also selected on the basis of
mutual understanding between them in addition to the experience The

"Was chosen best referees"

Villar Llona said the Chairman of the Committee rulers b Union Football
Union, saying "it is difficult selecting the final list of names of
referees involved in the championship k EURO 2008" and adds "
After all these governors were appointed because they are the best in their work at the present time
Deserve and give them the opportunity in this championship, the idea of appointing governors of all three
State are not new terms started from EURO 2004, the crew is certainly
able to work together in a considerable period of time in the length of
local addition to the UEFA Champions League, we wish them every success
in addition to providing the best Almstoyat in this championship "

"Communication system (link) between the rulers"
"Communication system"

Will use a system of communication through the ear piece then
connecting the four rulers of this system was used in the championships
and big games where stated UEFA "must be quick and easy contact with

"Officials prepare for the championship"

Officials responsible for the 44 championship begun in preparation
seriously during this period, it will venpick Hotel in the secret is
the headquarters of governors until June 26, where the crew will move
to The Renaissance Penta in Vienna - Austria.

"When the items before the injury rulers"

Championship of any provision replaces injured Governing IV, is also no provision assistant injured
Replaced by virtue of who is attending the fifth with a list of assistant referees. Will be supported by team
Where the award will support specialist treatment, doctor, coach for
the rest of (a new idea by the designated program for the championship)

If the information has told the European Football Federation
"Working arbitration award would continue to work in local races that
do not serve to arbitrate between the 16 teams participating in the

"Crew award"

Crew summoned from each State

Austrian crew

The first

Name: Konrad Plautz
Age: 43 year

Associate Judges:
Egon Bereuter
Markus Mayr


Greek crew

The first

Name: Kyros Vassaras
Age: 41 year

Associate Judges:
Dimitrios Bozatzidis
Dimitrios Saraidaris

Slovak crew

The first

Name: Luboš Michĕl
Age: 39 year

Associate Judges:
Roman Slysko
Martin Balko


Belgian crew

The first

Name: Frank De Bleeckere
Age: 41 year

Associate Judges:
Peter Hermans
Alex Verstraeten

Italian crew

The first

Name: Roberto Rosetti
Age: 40 year

Associate Judges:
Alessandro Griselli
Paolo Calcagno

Spanish crew

The first

Name: Manuel Mejuto Gonz
Age: 42 year

Associate Judges:
Juan Carlos
Yuste Jiménez

English crew

The first

Name: Howard Webb
Age: 36 year

Associate Judges:
Darren Cann
Michael Mullarkey


Dutch crew

The first

Name: Pieter Vink
Age: 40 year

Associate Judges:
Adriaan Inia
Hans Ten Hoove

Swedish crew

The first

Name: Peter Fröjdfeldt
Age: 44 year

Associate Judges:
Stefan Wittberg
Henrik Andren

The German crew

The first

Name: Herbert Fandel
Age: 43 year

Associate Judges:
Carsten Kadach
Volker Wezel

Norwegian crew

The first

Name: Tom Henning
Age: 41 year

Associate Judges:
Geir Åge Holen
Jan Petter Randen

Swiss crew

The first

Name: Massimo Busacca
Age: 38 year

Associate Judges:
Matthias Arnet
Stéphane Cuhat

"The verdict is the fourth"

The list of referees

Ivan Bebek

Grzegorz Gilewski

Stéphane Lannoy

Olegário Benquerença

Viktor Kassai

Craig Thomson

Kristinn Jakobsson

Damir Skomina

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